Illu­mi­nat­ing the 

A slide of HIPR-Fish mapping technology illuminating host-microbiome interactions in situ. Most of the background is a deep black, but the slide almost glows a neon-green, reminiscent of how city lights appear from space.

Mapping interactions foundational to therapeutic discovery and human health.

Our full-stack tech­nol­o­gy plat­form brings micro­bio­me drug dis­cov­ery into focus. Our spa­tial map­ping dis­cov­ery engine pro­vides stun­ning pic­tures of the inter­ac­tions and con­nec­tions between host and the micro­bio­me; an area of this vital sys­tem that we’ve nev­er been able to com­plete­ly under­stand before. Spa­tial biol­o­gy of the host-micro­bio­me inter­face pro­vides new oppor­tu­ni­ties for effec­tive ther­a­peu­tic inter­ven­tions, ulti­mate­ly enabling us to bet­ter treat patients.


Novel mapping technology illuminates host-microbiome interactions in situ.


Live biotherapeutics purpose-built to modulate the microbiome in health and disease.